If you look at traditional zombie movies, there a few different types of zombies. Ours are the diseased kind, who have contracted an illness that infects and spreads through biting. The KIDS VS. ZOMBIES zombies will be gross, but without blood. No blood? Yes! Our zombies ooze gross green and black goo instead. They will have grey-green colored skin, sick looking, sunken eyes, with purple veins spreading all over their bodies. When they “bite”, it looks more like they are “sliming” someone with thick green snot. We are taking traditional zombies and making them kid-friendly and most importantly, funny!

Each zombie will have its own specific character in the movie, too. They will be outfitted and given a personality, more than just wandering “extras” that groan and stagger around. Wardrobe and props will enhance characters like “Cart Pusher Zombie”, “Mayor Zombie”, “Jogger Zombie” and “Babysitter Zombie” (who is attacked as human while she takes a selfie pic with her phone and gets photo bombed by a zombie!).

Thanks to Katie McKinney for producing our first “looks” at the concept photo shoot.969911_417238871722410_536562598_nAMY ZOMBIE

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